ORSAMTIP is one of the leading manufacturers in the medical sector in Turkey since 2007.

ORSAMTIP,  specialized in the development, production and marketing of sterile container system, stainless steel equipment for hospitals and sterilization units. 

ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE 2007/42 / EEC

 With 13 year’s experience in sterilizationfield , ORSAMTIP provides professional consultancy or turnkey installation service for the central sterilization units ;  including the design and the project drawing of the central sterilization unit in accordance with standards.

With its experienced staff : Device selection and feasibility studies are guaranteed according to the capacity and budget of your hospital.

Our products :

 Sterilization container                                             Stainless steel Baskets                                               Stainless steel hospital equipment

We provide and install :

 Steam sterilizer                                                                  • Washing, Disinfection and Drying Devices                     Ultrasonic Cleaning device                                          Sealing devices